MKS Virtual Firewall

MKS Virtual Firewall service can help company and organizations ensure staff and guest are securely accessing the internet and Cloud.

This Virtual Firewall are a critical security layer that virtually all businesses require. But maintaining the perimeter security against ever changing threat landscape has become a major challenge for many organizations. Firewalls, if not well managed, can easily become an unwitting security risk and businesses struggle to maintain control of their security, without impacting their business.

A Symphony Virtual Firewall service mitigates this headache, and plugs a vital security gap, without the need to engage costly in-house IT resource.  This service is fully managed by us, including its design, installation, configuration, and day-to-day maintenance of VMs and software components as well as expert support from our proficient cyber security professionals, and 24/7 proactive network monitoring.

    • To scale out, parallelize the enforcement of security controls and flexible placement of security controls.
    • To potentially reduce the cost, as compared with the use of physical appliances
    • To speed the provisioning of security controls by making their provisioning as easy as provisioning a new VM.
    • To enable high reliability on Enterprise cloud and network infrastructure support team prevent case of system downtime.
    • To provide visibility into blind spots, such as inter-VM communications, without requiring all traffic to be routed to physical appliances.