DDoS Protection

Business today relies heavily on the quality of internet connection and potential threat like DDoS attack is very harmful to day to day business.

Our DDoS Protection solution works as an add-on service with our Direct Internet to ensure the internet flows for customer business availability.

    Our DDoS Protection guarantees services with ability to learn several categories of DDoS attack and analyze based on characteristics, profiles and possible DDoS attack methodologies. Once the DDoS traffic is detected and identified, our system will mitigate the dangerous traffic and then forward the clean traffic to your infrastructure with little or no impact to your business users.

        • High protection by best-in-class technology
        • Protect large volume and protocol-based DDoS Attack from incoming traffics
        • Support multiple IP’s protection
        • DDoS-protected DNS with IPv4 & IPv6 ready
        • Available both on-demand or always on
        • Guaranteed SLA 99.9%